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App Market (Beta)

E-learning software

Software to digitise your own courses and publish them online

2 articles

LMS Implementation

1 article

Support in Training, Coaching and Development

1 article

★ Google AdWords Ratings

Review stars by your AdWords ads linked to your Springest reviews.

1 article

☎ Lead management / CRM

Sales process improvement: Automatically import your leads and bookings.

3 articles

☷ Management & Administration

Backoffice management, including timetables, trainers, payment, etc.

2 articles

☺ Experiences & Reviews

Apps for the collection and organisation of training reviews and evaluations.

2 articles


How to use Springest

getting started, the Admin, In-company, bookings, leads, clicks and statistics

12 articles

Invoicing & Administration

What appears on your invoice, your invoice details and administration questions.

6 articles

Reviews & Widget

Information about collecting and publishing reviews on Springest and your own website

11 articles

Uploading your courses

Import, manually update, reviews, brochures...

11 articles

Price Models

Leads, clicks, bookings, finances, in-company, advertising

6 articles

Best practices

Visibility & reach, data completion, reviews

5 articles

Media Partners & Publishers

Media Partners, Job Sites, Guest Posts, Media publishers, Press...

4 articles