LTI integration for starting with e-learning immediately

When someone registers for an e-learning course via Springest, it is now possible for them to immediately start e-learning! After completing the online payment, they can start the e-learning course right away. This is called Single Sign-On via Learning Tool Interoperability (LTI). The student's data is transferred to your system directly via the LTI protocol.

How does it work?
Once Single Sign-On is activated, the training page shows a green button, 'Register now'. Clicking this button directs the student to the registration page and then to the payment page. After everything is confirmed, the student can click on a blue button, 'Start course', which directs them to the e-learning course on the trainer's online environment. This enhances usability for students and lightens the workload of trainers. 

On Springest Go websites
Once Single Sign-On is activated, the blue 'Start course' button will become visible. This button will be displayed even before registration and payment are completed. 

How can I activate this?
Does your system support LTI? Then you can apply Single Sign-On via LTI for all of your e-learning courses. At this time, only Springest can activate this, so if you would like to use LTI or have any questions, do not hesitate to contact our Support team. Reach us at or +44 20 360 873 02 - we would be happy to help or activate this instantly. 

What does this look like?
Left, you see an example of what this looks like on a training page on Springest (the Dutch version) before registration and payment. Right, you see what this looks like on Springest after registration and payment.

On Springest Go websites
Right, you see an example of what this looks like on a training page on a Springest Go website.

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