Changes in terms and conditions second quarter 2017

Springest is always evolving. We continuously try to improve the experience of users and providers. For this reason, from the 19th of May,(onwards) adjusted General Terms and Conditions will apply to (for) providers. The General Terms and Conditions are part of the Self Service Agreement that providers on Springest sign. On the 19th of April, providers were notified of this change. You can view the adjusted General Terms and Conditions  here. This article explains the changes in the conditions.

Address change

Springest moved! (Springest moved to a new office!) We moved to a new office. Our new address is: Van Diemenstraat 192, 1013CP Amsterdam, The Netherlands. Therefore, we changed our address in the General Terms and Conditions.

Article 5.3

Article 5.3 was expanded:

5.3. The Supplier must refrain from unauthorized use of the Supplier Page and will act in a manner befitting a careful, responsible Supplier. In any case, unauthorized use will be considered - but not limited to - referral to the Supplier's website, or the provision of other contact details, on the Product Range as on the Supplier’s page.
This is an addition to the information already in the article about the use of the Supplier Page. By making this clause more specific, Springest aims to provide enhanced clarity about the use of the Supplier Page. This makes it clearer to users how they can come in contact with Suppliers through Springest, which is the service Springest provides.

Article 5.8

Article 5.8 was added to the General Terms and Conditions:

5.8 Supplier is free to set the prices on both the Product Range as on the Supplier’s Page. The maximum price of the offered Product should in any case not exceed the maximum price of the product offered on the Provider's website during the period that the product is offered on the Platform.

This condition already applied to Suppliers, and has now been made explicit through article 5.8. First and foremost.(,) Suppliers are free to determine the prices of their products. The only condition set by Springest is that the price of your product on your website is not lower than the price of the same product on Springest. This condition is set to ensure transparency for our users. Additionally, Springest aims to maintain the (a) good relationship between Springest and Suppliers.

Article 17.5

Article 17.5 was added to the General Terms and Conditions:

17.5 Springest remains entitled to use all Content and Intellectual Property that the Supplier has posted on the Platform as stipulated in Article 13.3. Springest is not required after termination of the Agreement to provide to and/or to convert any Content to the Supplier.

After termination of the agreement between Springest and the Supplier, Springest wants to keep publishing users' reviews of the Supplier's products. These reviews belong to Springest's own content. Accompanying these reviews, we want to show the Supplier's logo. For this reason, clause 17.5 was added. This is to improve the user experience of Springest.

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