Automatic invoice upload via UBL

UBL, Universal Business Language defines a generic XML interchange format for business documents (e.g. invoices) that can be restricted or extended to meet the requirements of particular industries. 

Additional requirements to automate invoicing through Springest

Next to the standard requirements for UBL 2.1, we have included additional restrictions in order for us to be able to automatically process the invoice.

  • Booking ID: On every invoice you share with Springest we expect the Booking ID as the reference. You can include the booking ID as a value for in the following places on the XML: 
    • Item >> Name and/or 
    • Item >> Description and/or
    • OrderReference

  • Invoice address: We expect the invoice address of the Go Client to be included on the invoice. 
    • AccountingSupplierParty >> Name 
    • AccountingSupplierParty >> PostalAddres
  • Product price: The total price / costs for the product on the invoice should be similar to the price details in our system

View example of an UBL/ XML invoice