Adding 'online' startmoments via XML

This article describes a technical solution. Contact us for further questions. 

For whom? :

  • Educators who offer classical trainings with startdates who want to offer 'Online' startdates via XML.
    In our XML the type of product = <Producttype>Open</Producttype>.

    Take note: Springest sees e-Learnings as trainings that can be done any time, therefore it is not assigned a startdate. Adding 'online' has no effect on e-Learning.
    In the XML:  <Producttype>E-learning</Producttype>

Xml changes?

  • For classical trainings under the de <StartingDatePlace>  an extra field can be added : <Online> boolean(true of false). If 'true' we show on our website that this startdate is 'online' and can be followed 'on distinct'.
  • Take note: if an 'online' startdateis 'true' the locatie of the startdate(in the xml) has become optional. It is recommended to still provide the locatie. For example like this: <Place>Virtual location: Zoom</Place>

For webdevelopers:

  1. Example XML: search for 'online'. Can only be applied for  <Producttype>Open</Producttype>. The default for 'online' is 'false'.
  2. The XSD for the webdevelopers.

All changes to the xml need to be communicated to datasupport since the configuration of the XML need to be changed.

CSV files?

  • If you are using a CSV file to import trainingsdata, you can add a new column called 'online' and state per row if it is 'true' or 'false' per startdate. 

'Online' not possible via XML?

It is possible in the Springest admin to add online Startdates by manually checkboxing 'online'.  If you are using an XML feed, it is currently not possible to add this data manual while also have an automated xml import. Documentation can be found here.