New Booking Feature

What is the Booking Feature?

Springest has developed a new booking feature. Previously we only offered deals with leads and clicks, but now we also offer bookings. This means that Springest visitors can directly book a course, without waiting for the education provider to get in touch.

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A major advantage of the booking feature is that the amount of ‘lost’ prospects decreases. Now users can directly book the course through Springest; allowing us to guide users to the last hurdle of the purchasing process. We have seen that when courses do not have the booking option, more time elapses between the emergence of interest and the final booking. So users may forget about your course or find an alternative with direct booking enabled.

In addition, the booking feature reduces the effort and time users have to invest in attending a course. Users do not need to search for information on various websites -  this will reduce their interest in the course - instead they should be able to find all the information on Springest.

Moreover, because Springest can now take care of the entire booking process (apart from the payment), less effort is required from you, the education provider.

Why should I use the Booking Feature?

  • Decrease the amount of lost clients
  • Improve user experience - guide visitors through their customer journey.
  • Improve user satisfaction - less effort and time is required from the user
  • Save education providers precious time 

Prepare your content for the Booking Feature

Before turning the Booking Feature live we suggest that our educational providers prepare their course content. Providers should make sure that all course information is accurately and thoroughly filled in, in particular Price and Start Date. If you want to read more about the importance of having thorough information  click here.

For example, we had a user that wanted to book a course, he wanted extra information about the starting date of the course. However, that particular had not filled out the start date, this made the user feel uncertain and thus Springest and the provider lost a valuable booking.

How can I use the Booking Feature?

To implement the Booking Feature you will need to:

  1. Sign our Framework Agreement
  2. Upload your contract onto the Admin
  3. Enable Bookings. 

If you have any questions you can contact us - or call us +44 20 360 873 02

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