How long does it take until my new course is visible on the website?

Each new course on the website will be verified before published. After you click ‘save’ a course will first be checked and approved by a member of the Springest Team. If we find something that does not correspond to our rules, we will inform you by email.  Depending on your response time, we will resume the process of publishing the course. When a course is filled in properly and approved by us, we will publish immediately, or in other words, make it ‘live.’

Courses will not be published right away when:

  • The explanatory text is too short; we require a minimum of a 100 words.
  • Contact information (telephone numbers, addresses, websites etc.) can be found in the text. This is forbidden! is indexed twice every 24 hours. With that being said, all of the new information will be collected from the Admin and updated onto the website. Consequently, this may take around 12 hours before your course appears on Springest.

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