How do Open individual requests work?

Our visitors can submit learning related questions onto. Their questions contain information about the courses they want to follow, their background, and the course criteria.

After a question is submitted, we first check it manually. If the question is relevant, we place it in the section  Open requests Buy> Open tenders in the admin. You can view the question and determine if you can provide the requester with educational advice. If that's the case, you can claim the lead.

After finalizing the claim, you'll be sent to the Leads & Bookings Overview, where you can view the requester's contact details. You can then contact the requester and, for example, send them a brochure with course information.

By connecting supply and demand via the Q&A, we hope to enhance the user experience of our visitors.

The prices set for the requester's contact details will differ per request. We will base these on the content of the request. In general, the prices will lie in a similar range as those for regular course information requests on Springest.

Please note:

  • Users submit their questions without any obligations and are therefore not compelled to do business with you.
  • Each lead can be purchased by a maximum of 3 providers
  • Once you've clicked 'Confirm your purchase' the sale is definite; Springest cannot offer restitution after a purchase is finalised.

Receive updates on new questions via the twitter account: