Why are there more clicks reported from Springest than the number of users that visit our site?

Check the following items in your analytics if you’ve tracked fewer visitors than the number of clicks registered by Springest:

  • Are all of the URL’s set-up properly?
  • Is the Google Analytics code at the top of your page? If not, the entire page must be loaded before the visitor is counted.  Depending on the speed of your site, this could count for 10-30% discrepancies in the number of visitors.

In addition, you should use the correct version of the analytics code, specifically the version that loads asynchronous.

  • If your site loads slow, you can check the speed of your website with the following tool: http://www.loads.in. It should take up to 3 seconds before the visitor is able to see your page.
  • Use the well known analytics systems like Google Analytics, Comscore and Omniture. Other packages will often track using systems based on log file analysis, which is not reliable.
  • Preferably, use the "referrer" websites as a source for measuring visitors. It is not necessary to use campaign URLs for your tracking.

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