How do I choose what email notifications I receive?

You can decide what type of  notifications you receive from Springest. In your Admin account details you can enable or disable certain notifications. Once, you are logged on to your admin click on your name (the right upper corner) and below the heading 'Springest Updates' you can change your preferences.

We provide email updates for the following:

  • Digest: This update gives you information on the number of visitors on your course pages on Springest and the amount of brochure requests and reviews you've received. 
  • Open Tenders: Questions submitted by Springest visitors. You can answer these questions as an educational expert.
  • In-Company Tenders: You will be notified whenever we receive an in-company request that is relevant to your educational expertise. These e-mails used to be to the email address submitted on the institute page, but we have decided to change this. Now we choose to send these emails at a user level. You can decide which member of your team is most suited to receive these In-Company requests. 
  • Newsletter: Receive the latest Springest news and tips on how to get the best results from the Springest platform.