Follow-up on leads

Following-up on leads is extremely important, not something to underestimate!

A lead is simply said, a contact request for your organisation from one of our Springest visitors. The visitor has left behind contact details to learn more about a specified course that he or she would like to learn more about. If it takes too long for you to react on a lead, than this lead will look further than just your course and possibly find and/or choose another. This shows the importance of a speedy reaction (by calling or emailing); take advantage of this contact opportunity. Unfortunately, we cannot prevent your response email from ending up in the spambox. Stay aware and pay attention to your lead income so that you can call (or email) as soon as possible.

In addition to the importance of speed, the information provided must be clear and concrete. Your potential customer is clear in giving his or her own personal details and wishes the same clarity when provided with more information about the course of interest. Therefore, you should be honest, concrete and transparent when sending your information brochures/emails.

Keep in mind that the customer may also want to take their time reading, or perhaps discuss with a third person (for example, an HR manager). With that being said, send your customer some material to look over: an email, folder, brochure, PDF or Word document.

In summary, you should do the following in regards to responding to leads:

  • Fast reaction; respond as quickly as possible to the leads that you receive
  • Remain concrete in your response
  • Give your customer something to spark their interest

Your responses should take place within a week after the prospect requests information fromt he Springest website.