Submitting an XML (feed) in order to import courses

Springest gives you the possibility to easily upload courses together online. Send us an XML file or XML feed of your courses so that we can place them on the Springest website. If the content must be adjusted regularly, then we will quickly react on the basis of the feed.

For who?

Learning institutions that have developed power, have a large amount of courses, and want them to be updated regularly should create an XML file. It'll take a bit more time to begin with but in the long run it will save you a lot of time. 


XML file
Point 1 links to a downloadable example of an xml import. This file contains all of the data types that we use. Each field explains what we expect from you. Make sure that you fill in all fields thoroughly and correctly. This preserves the quality of your course list on Springest, which will increase the chances of more page views and higher conversion rates.

  1. Download: product_example.xml
  2. Add all of your courses to the base of the existing fields (as complete as possible)
  3. Check per field which values are allowed according to the XML scheme: product.xsd
  4. Change the name of the XML Provider-name_AllCourses.xml. Example: Springest_AllCourses.xml
  5. Mail the file to:
  6. NOTE: Please mention the character encoding that is used for the XML. Example: UTF-8

XML feed
Do you have an XML feed that you regularly adjust?

  1. Contact our Data Quality Manager:

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