Submitting an XML (feed) in order to import courses

Springest gives you the possibility to easily upload courses together online. Send us an XML file or XML feed of your courses so that we can place them on the Springest website. If the content is adjusted regularly, all changes will be automatically imported and processed at the agreed interval times. Usually this inverval is a daily or weekly import.

For whom?

Learning institutions that have developed power, have a large number of courses. We usually advise providers with over 30 courses to create an XML feed. Springest gives free support on creating this XML feed.

NBThis article contains a technical solution for entering learning products. If you have no experience regarding XML/XSD, please contact your IT-department or third party. 


Below you will find a downloadable example of an xml import and our XSD. Both files provide information on possible data types. Each field explains what we expect from you. Make sure that you fill in all fields thoroughly and correctly. This preserves the quality of your course listed on Springest, which will increase the chances of more page views and higher conversion rates.

  1. Download: product_example.xml
  2. Check per field which values are allowed according to the XML scheme: product.xsd
  3. Read the additional information about the tags can be found here.
  4. Create the XML and provide us the XML feed url
  5. Inform datasupport when you have a first version. Mention if any of the mandatory fields are not included. (In some case we can decide not to map a field, we can use defaults or we agree that those fields are updated manually).
  6. Do you have existing products on Springest? Then we need to make a joined table(see below). This is needed to preserve any conversion, reviews, google ranking, that are present on existing products.  
  7. Mail the file to :

Joined table

Our database needs to understand that the products in the XML feed match with the products already existing in our database. Within Springest a product always has a 'Springest ID'. With this ID we recognise this unique product. Providers that use an XML feed have to provide an unique 'XML ID' for each product. If you already have products on Springest and want to use an(other) XML feed we will ask you to make a joined table in a csv file and provide this to us so we can link them in our database.  

How to make a joined table

  1. Go to Products overview in the admin.
  2. Download all your products 

  3. Copy the ID column of this file in a new CSV file.
  4. Rename 'springest product id' to "springest_product_id"  and add another column called: xml_id
  5. Use the delimiter; between the two values (see below).
  6. Populate the xml_ id with ID's from the XML-feed.
  7. Safe file and share with datasupport.
springest_product_id xml_id
1273 unique-id-1
1274 unique-id-1

Providing XML files over SFTP or via XML feed.

Simplest way is if you can provide the XML feed URL to us.
Upon request, we also have the option to use SFTP to transfer files to Springest. 

This functionality has to be enabled first. Please contact our support. 

How to connect to the Springest SFTP server:

  • Hostname:
  • Poort: 9022
  • Gebruikersnaam: your unique account ID
  • Wachtwoord/Key: will be provided by our datasupport team

Take note:  uploaded files will be moved directly after they are placed to a different location. They will not be visible using an SFTP application. 

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