How do leads actually work?

Visitors are able to directly request a course brochure or study guide from the Springest website. Website users that leave their personal details behind to make these requests are considered “leads.”  We have found this approach as the best system for bringing our clients in contact with interested users because the quality of the request is controlled by the user.

  • Brochure (example): this is a request for a specific course. The user who requests the brochure already knows which course he or she prefers. You can respond to this request with a hard or digital (PDF) brochure, a general study guide, or directly contact through telephone and/or email. The importance is that you gain first contact with your potential client, so don’t worry if you don’t have a brochure specific to the course requested.

These leads are sent to you via email. You have the option to edit the  provider details as you please, and choose the email address for where you would like your leads to be sent.

Still in the dark? Do not hesitate to contact our support team for any questions or comments you may have in regards to Springest.

Attention: Make sure that the address is on your spam “whitelist” so that you are able to receive your leads!

Leads are Optional

You also have the option to disable leads if you desire, though all of the request buttons will be removed.  In this instance, the free links to your website will also be removed and your courses will not be available for advertisement from our media partners.  Your courses may stay on the Springest website.

Costs of Leads

Leads that are generated from brochure requests are charged at a rate of 1% of the corresponding course price listed on Springest. Alternatively, we can also work out an agreement for a standard flat rate price per lead.

Leads that are generated from study guides and contact requests cost £7.50 per lead. This price is cut in half for all of our paid partners.

Naturally, we will not send an invoice if we we have not made any agreement. We will gain contact with you before deciding on any paid lead program.