First time in the Admin? Follow these 4 tips!

Your courses will be presented on the Springest homepage. You can use our Springest Admin to insert and update your course programs. You will be able to login after you’ve registered for Springest.

Follow these simple steps to fill in your profile to its upmost completeness:

Step 1: Add your information and upload your logo

Hover over the “Institutes” tab, 4 sub-tabs will appear underneath. You can edit information about your institution in these tabs. Fill in all your details as complete as possible.

Details - your institute information, logo and email address that you would like your leads to be sent to.

Invoicing - your invoice information; make sure this is filled in correctly.

Default values - these values, like regions and price information will be seen in all of your courses.

Don’t forget to fill in your institute information, upload your logo and add your invoice information in the admin.

Step 2: Add your 1st course and read the instructions carefully

You can add a course by clicking the button ‘New course’ on the Springest admin homepage. Read the sidebar and help balloons to help you fill all the details in the Course Form. Empty fields will appear as incomplete.

Add start dates and place to inform users about when and where the course will take place and make it easier for the user to search through the courses.

Add PDF-brochures to the course to generate more conversions.  You won't have to worry about a fast response time because these brochures will be sent automatically.

As soon as you click on the ‘Save’ button the course is saved and will be reviewed by Springest and published within 24 hours. After publishing it takes up to 12 hours before the course is visible in the search results on Springest. You can always edit and update your courses after they’ve been published.

We don’t approve the course when there is contact information in the text.

It is possible to automatically upload your courses through XML if you have over 30 courses. You can contact for more information on this.

Step 3: Ask former students to leave a review on your course on Springest

Reviews of your courses on Springest will boost your ranking and inform visitors about the quality of your course when selecting a course to attend.

We donate £1 to the  Edukans foundation per submitted review.

Also take a look at:  More testimonials

Step 4: Ask for help!

Questions or feedback?
Please contact us at We are happy to help you!