Price models on Springest

It is completely free to put your courses on the Springest website! You are able to add courses to your institute profile and make them easily available for users without any costs. 

We have a number of different packages in order to make optimal use of the possibilities from our platform:

Basic Package Leads Bookings

Advertise your courses on the Springest public pages. Bookings and leads are not available.

Receive request forms from interested course participants.

Receive a direct booking request form for your training course.

Free 1%
of the corresponding course price / min. £ 5
commission of the corresponding course price, minimum £ 5

The  Basic Package is free. Your courses appear on Springest, but the user is not able to take up contact with you through our site. 

  Leads (1% of the corresponding training course price + clicks) Links are available for users to click through to your own website from the institute profile and course pages listed on Springest UK. Receive request forms from interested course participants.

  Bookings gives the user the ability to book a course directly through Springest. Once we receive the booking, we will contact the requester to confirm the booking before we send his/her request form through to you. We do not handle any of the payments for these bookings. Springest charges 15% of the course price listed on Springest per booking.

Get in contact with Springest support to learn more about the possibilities of Springest or sign up directly as a provider.