Cannot see my review

An old participant has filled out a review, but I still can’t see it on the website. Did something go wrong?

We send a confirmation email to the old participants for verification. Give the participant his or her agreement, than we make sure that the review is written in the correct language. We approve a review only based on proper language use and information relevance. Also, the review may not come from the IP-address of the origination learning provider, in order to avoid abuse. We will place the review on the site after it has been approved. This whole process may take some time. Your patience is appreciated. We strive to publish at least twice a week.

You can see in the admin if there are still reviews that are waiting to be published. Often, you will find that these reviews are not published because the participant that left the review has not verified the review through the email sent. The best would be to emphasise in the course the importance of filling in the review and verifying the confirmation e-mail that we send so that the review can be posted on the site.