How to generate more reviews?

  1. Ask course participants at the end of the course to fill in a review. You can order flyers and hand these out to your participants.
  2. Send participants a “thank you” email (for taking the course) within one week after the course has ended. This email should also emphasise the importance of filling in a review.
  3. Do you send out newletters regularly? This is another ideal chance to emphasise the importance of filling in a review.
  4. Do you have a LinkedIn profile for your (old) course participants? Devote a section to explaining the importance of filling in a review.
  5. Take the Widgets from the Admin in order to use them on your own page. “Widgets” is a simple and effective tool that offers ou a chance to show the reviews that you have generated on Springest, within your own domains (your website, course pages, etc.).

Don’t forget to mention the Edukans Foundation! The Edukans Foundation is a non-profit charity organisation that makes education possible for children in developing countries. We donate £1 for every unique review filled-in on the Springest UK website!

Standard mail:

Attention: refer to the correct page, then enter in #submit-review behind your organisation’s name in the URL. For example, Logistics Learning Alliance (below). Visitors are able to click directly onto their enjoyed course and fill in their review as directed.

Example I

Have you followed a course... and would you like to share your reviews with others? You can do this via Share your experience and you help others that are interested in following the same courses

Also, Springest donates £1 to the Edukans Foundation for each unique review submitted on Springest; the Edukans Foundation is a non-profit charity organisation that makes education possible for children in developing countries.

Example II


Recently, you have followed one or more courses via …. . We hope that you have gained valuable knowledge and/or the necessary skills that you desired from this course.

We are very interested in what you think of the course. Now, you can share your experience with others via Springest. You will not only inform future participants, but you will also indirectly donate £1 to the Edukans Foundation.

With that being said, go share your course experience and help support the Educkans Foundation!

1. Go to the review page ….... on

2. Choose the course that you have followed.

3. Give your review and experience, in order to help other prospects decide better.

4. You can remain anonymous.

5. Springest then will donate £1 to the Edukans Foundation for this unique review left behind...


You can set up a review widget on your own website. This widget already exists on the Springest site and will look the same if you choose to add it on your site as well. Through this widget, your own page viewers are given easy access to leave behind a review on our website. To make best use of this widget, place the code in your own website for where it will be easily visible to your audience.

In addition, course takers can directly leave behind a review via the widget on your page.

Your widget can be found in the admin