Open in-company tenders

The open in-company tenders come in through our Springest  in-company page. A visitor will use this form to fill in his or her requests for an in-company/on-site course, as well as some background information of the team that will participate in the course. 

We verify the in-company lead with the requester immediately after it has come in, then put it up for sale in de admin via  Open requests Incompany tenders

Springest will send you an email with the content and time frame of the lead before it goes on sale. 

You can preview the lead via the admin and if you have a good proposition for the requester you can buy it by clicking the button "Buy this tender" and confirm your purchase by clicking "Confirm your buy".  

You will gain instant access to the requester’s contact information after you have confirmed the purchase. Contact the lead immediately for a followup call. 

The price of a lead differs per tender. This is determined on the basis of the contents and size of the request group (number of participants). 


  • the requester filed a request free of obligation and is not obligatory to respond to your offer. 
  • every request is bought by a maximum of three providers. 
  • by confirming your buy it becomes final. There are no refunds after a tender is bought. 
  • the requester could have filed other requests outside of Springest. This is out of our knowledge and there are no refunds in regards to this matter.