Course Completeness Score

'Course Completeness Score' is a metric that allows providers how complete their training's date is. We will clarify how this score is determined per training. At the end of the article we will show you how you can use the score to improve your offerings. 

Score per Training:

The metric can be used at the training level.  We have defined four stages that splits the data into four groups.

Stage 0 (0%; Incomplete - Not ready for Springest)

Not enough information. 

Stage 1 (40%; don't publish yet):

Key information for a user to orient himself. Important because it gives users the basic information to book a course.

- Training Name

- Web Address

- Description (min. 150 characters)

- Costs

- Course duration (only for open enrolment and in-company / Custom) 

- Language

Stage 2 (up to 60%; ready to be published): 

Important information available for a user to make a choice.  Alongside the information in Stage 1, Stage 2 includes the information that is needed in order to achieve a booking. 

- Open Enrolment: include Starting date, End date and Place.  

- In-house / In-company: include Starting date, End date and Place.

- Other training types: you do not have start dates / Place.

Stage 3 (up to 100%; complete):

Basic information, but not deemed as essential for bookings.  

- Max. participants 

- Level

- Duration (only open / in company / custom) 

- Completion

- Run Time (only for open / in company / custom)

Stage 3+ (100%; very complete):

Additional, optional information. 


- Video

- Training Type (course, program, seminar, workshop)

- Moment (default vs custom)

Score per Institution:

To determine the overall score for an institution on all the courses we simply take the average of all published courses.