How do Media Partners help me get more leads?

What is a Media Partner?

A Media Partner can be a blog, website, expert, etc. that has an exclusive cooperation with Springest. 

These Media Partners relay our published training courses and education programmes on their platform, brining us good quality traffic who convert well on our site. 

We are currently working with several Media Partners, which can be viewed in our  Media Partner page

How can you benefit from Media Partner traffic?

Media Partner traffic is highly beneficial as it brings us users that have interests that are closely related to the education sector. For instance, one of our partners is a job-site; job seekers are interested in enhancing their skills and knowledge so as to keep a competitive CV and thus have a higher chance of getting hired. 

Overall, the visitors referred to Springest via our Media Partners are more likely to want to expand their learning and invest in their future. 

However, Media Partner traffic is highly competitive, therefore if you want your training courses to appear on our Media Partner sites, and thus receive more quality leads, you need to have two things:

  1. Signed Framework Agreement 
  2. Have either clicks, leads and/or bookings enabled;
  3. No maximum budget set.

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