Teach 'n Go

Name Teach ’n Go

Springest API connection Reviews (inbound)
Your reviews are automatically uploaded on to Springest vie our API feed. Participants are automatically invited. Teach 'n Go thereby guarantees the partiality of the reviews and ensures the privacy of the participants.

Conversions (outbound)
Your Springest conversions will be automatically placed in your lead management software Teach 'n Go.

Course data (inbound)
Your trainings, including: description, start dates and locations, are automatically synchronised with Springest. You need to keep your trainings up to date. 
Service description Features which let you focus on your teaching
Teach 'n Go helps you manage students, teachers, schedules and billing, allowing you to focus on what you do best... teaching.
Number of Springest customers 1
Price Vanaf €9,- tot €39,- per maand
Gratis voor Springest klanten
Contact Haris Petrasitis
☎ +31 6 1552 9312
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