Make your course stand out

Our platform contains thousands of trainings courses, and sometimes a certain training gets overlooked because it's not set up correctly or doesn't have all the necessary information filled in. 

Due to the high number of training in our platform it's important that your trainings are set-up so that it contains as much information as possible, which is readable, and can stand out amongst the competition.

To optimise your course follow these simple tips:

  • Use our tools:
  • springest text tools
  • Add headers: This will make your headers and sub-header stand out - organise your information and make it easier to read
    • Surround your headers and sub-headers with an <h1></h1> tag
  • Add bold and italics: Make crucial info easier to spot: 
    • to make something bold surround the word with the <strong></strong> tag, 
    • to make it italics use the <em></em> tag
  • Add bullet points to organise your information:
    • too add a bullet list you first need to add either of these two tags: <ul></ul> <ol></ol>, and each bullet point will use this tag <li></li>. In the end it should look like this:
  • <ul>




  • Training details: All training details should be filled in e.g. price, location, max participants, video, brochure, etc. We've noticed that trainings with all data fields field in perform better than those with blanks.

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