What are clicks & how are they measured?

Clicks are referrals from your Springest training page to the training page on your own website. The visitor can click through to your own website and register directly on your site.

If a visitor clicks through to your website from Springest you will not know who this person is - the person remains anonymous.

How does Springest measure clicks?

When a visitor clicks on your link we track it in several ways: 

  1. Each click made by an individual visitor gets a unique code put. That way we know which clicks are done by whom. This data is stored in our database.
  2. Each click is automatically stored in Google Analytics. 

Therefore we have two reliable methods to measure when and where a visitors click through goes to.

How does Springest prevent spam clicks?

We provide a unique code to every visitor who clicks through to your website with which we are able to measure their behaviour. That way we can see how many clicks there are per person. By viewing large amounts of visitors, we're able to see quickly where deviations occur. These deviations are reviewed and, where necessary, blocked if fraud occurs. Certain IP addresses can be blocked by Springest.