Price and Costs in the XML

This article is interesting if you want to learn how to handle the XML feed better: 

  • Course Price, tax and calculation 
  • Cost, tax and calculation 
  • Calculation of the total cost price

Course Price


This field allows you to specify the cost for training.


Here you can specify whether course fee already charged or not. Possible values are: 

  • Yes: tax is included in the price 
  • No: Tax is not included in the price 
  • Exempt: Exempt: Price is tax free.


Here you can specify what the tax expense is for the course.

Calculation Course Price 

Below is an overview of the various options and the corresponding price display on Springest:

Price VatIncluded VatAmount Complete Price on Springest
Option 1 121 yes 21 (not required) yes 121
Option 2 100 no 21 yes 121
Option 3 100 exempt - yes 100

It is also still possible to have several charges as individual parts to the price linking.

Cost, tax and calculation

In de XML the following fields can be used:  <Type>, <Price>, <VatIncluded>, <VatAmount>, <Mandatory>.


These are some standard costs that students have to pay:

  • tuition fee, 
  • examination,
  • excursions ,
  • lunch,
  • dinner,
  • registration fee,
  • study material,
  • visa/permit,
  • coaching,
  • accommodation,
  • arrangement,
  • second accommodation,

Note: If you think that an expense is missing, please contact


Place mandatory costs in this field. Only mandatory fees are shown in the price on Springest.

Calculation per Cost item

The calculation of the cost is the done the same way as for the Course Price.

 Type Price VatIncluded VatAmount Mandatory Additional costs
Examination 10 yes 1 (not required) yes + 10
Lunch 20 no 5 yes + 25
Accomodation 40 exempt - yes + 40
TOTAL + 75

Calculation of the total cost price

Once mandatory cost items are specified, they are added to the Course Price

  Price VatIncluded VatAmount Complete Additional costs Price on Springest
Option1 121 yes 21 (not required) yes 75 196
Option2 100 no 21 yes 75 196
Option3 100 exempt - yes 75 175

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