In-company tenders from companies and organisations

Through the Admin you can buy in-company leads from organisations. These are companies that for at least two, but usually more, people are looking for a customised training, and therefore like to get in touch with specialised trainers.

These leads are not a guarantee that your proposal will be bought, but it's a point of departure. You can now make contact with the requester, as well as view the training demands of the interested party. The applicant has submitted a non-binding inquiry and is therefore not obliged to accept your proposal. These conditions are shown in the in-company tender page and when you confirm the purchase of the lead.

The applicant may have also looked outside Springest for an in-company quote. However, we have no influence here and this is no reason for a refund. Prior to placing the lead we call the applicant, we make sure they are still interested, that the information is correct, and get a clear view of the course wishes and expectations of the applicant. 

Even in cases where an application is withdrawn, insufficient budget, or a training is cancelled, there will be no refund.  
Are you interested in receiving a notification when an in-company tender is submitted? If so logging in to the  Admin and follow the following steps:
  1. Click on Account
  2. Set Incompany Tenders to 'Yes'