Set up email notifications (In-company, Questions, Statistics, Reviews, etc.)

You can decide which email notifications you want to receive from Springest. In your admin's User Account, you can specify which emails you want to receive. Log on to the Admin, click on your name on the top-right corner and set your email preferences under the title 'Springest Updates'.

You can receive notifications on the following:

  • Digest: Contains information about your courses on Springest. Such as number of visits to your course, how many leads generated or who has submitted a review. 
  • Open Tenders: Our visitors can leave us questions when they need expert advice about a specific training course. We regularly receive questions from prospective students if they don't find what they are looking for via the ordinary search. Sometimes the prospective questions need clarification over a course or don't know the name of the course they need. In short, these people need training advice, and who better to answer them than you. Every week you will receive a summary of all the questions published during the week. If you answer a question you can point directly to one of your specific training courses.  
  • Incompany Tenders: Requests made on Springest for an in-company training. Previously we sent these emails to your organisation's central address, now you can specify the user who receives them e.g. yourself. 
  • Newsletter: Stay up-to-date with our latest news and tips on how to get the best results from using our platform.
  • Deal Changes: You can turn your deal settings on or off whenever you see fit. Once your deal settings are changed you will receive a email notifying you that someone has made a change. 
  • Reviews Published: Get notified when Springest publishes a review about one of your training courses. These reviews are verified and checked by Springest. 
  • Trainings Imported: If you use auto imports to update your courses you will be notified with the results of the latest import.