Link your Google Adwords with Google Stars Rankings to get better Google Ads Rank for Less with Springest

Google Star Ratings & Google AdWords

Springest can now help you combine your Reviews and Google Star Ratings with your Google Adwords.

To be able to give providers this service we have teamed up with  KiyOh.  KiyOh is an independent third party - a leader company in customer ratings and reviews. KiyOh is an official Google partner, meaning that your reviews will appear in Google to get the seller star ratings in Google Adwords, reviews in Google Shopping, and of course appear on your site and on Springest.

By teaming up with KiyOh our learning providers will be able to link their Google Adwords with Google Stars Rankings to get better and a more attractive Google Ads Rank, as shown by the following image.

As we want to give our providers the easiest and best Springest experience we are continuously looking for new partnerships with other independent review collectors. If you are working with a specific company let us know and we will get in touch with them, so that you can also benefit from linking your Google Adwords with Google Stars Rankings to get better Google Ads Rank for Less with Springest.

How Are Google Ads Ranked?

AdRank determines the order in which competing ads are ranked in a SERP (search engine results page), which has a big impact on the visibility of your ads to potential customers.

AdRank in AdWords has historically been calculated based on your CPC Bid and Quality Score. The advertiser that has the highest product of maximum CPC bid and Quality Score wins the coveted top ad spot.

How can Springest improve your Quality Score?

To improve your Quality Score, you basically need to improve your CTR. There are many ways of improving CTR, such as - engaging taglines and call-to-actions, interesting and relevant content, reviews and Google Star Ratings. Springest can help you gather more reviews and improve your Google Star Ratings thus improving your overall CTR and Quality Score.

Get more Reviews and Google Star Ratings with Springest

To help providers gather reviews and thus improve their Google Star Ratings, Springest has two services - a review widget and personalised flyers.

  1. Review Widget: Place the widget on your site for free will make collecting reviews a lot easier. Springest’s widget collects posted reviews and translates them into visible rankings throughout Springest’s and the provider’s page. It speeds up the collection process and provides independent assurance to the education provider on their own website.
  2. Personalised Flyers: We print and send personalised flyers to our providers free of charge so that they can hand them out to their students. These flyers  will encourage course participants to submit a review.

Reviews will not only create ratings for the Springest website, but it will also transform the aggregate review into a Google Star Rating. Google’s golden stars will show up under Springest’s website and under the education and development providers’ website.