Accepting the agreement and receiving bookings

To receive bookings on Springest, you first need to turn on the 'booking service'. This article explains how to do that. 

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Signing the Self Service Agreement

Explanation of different services:

Directly receiving bookings


Signing the Self Service Agreement

Please note: There are no costs when accepting the agreement. Creating an account and showcasing your learning products is free.  
Only after you have signed the contract and explicitly turn on the bookings service Springest asks a percentage over each booking coming in. There is no such thing as subscription costs.

Find the agreement in the menu 'Services > Services'. You can read the agreement first. To sign, click on 'Sign the Self Service Agreement'

Fill in your details on the next page. After that, click on 'Save and sign the contract' to see the agreement. 
The contract opens with 'Hellosign'. After reading you can digitally sign the contract. 

There are 4 ways to sign in Hellosign: drawing directly in the field, typing int he field, uploading a picture of your autograph or mailing a picture of your autograph. Save the contact afterwards. 

Explanation of different services

At Springest you manage your own services. You can choose to turn your services off or on any moment.



You can turn on the 'Brochure' deal. For 1% of the product price you receive the contact details of the visitor that requested information. Springest automatically either sends out the PDF brochure that you upload, or a brochure that has been generated with the information that you have on the productpage. 


Directly receiving bookings on Vattenfall

Only by accepting bookings your account will be visible on the Vattenfall portal. Vattenfall employees can directly search, compare and sign up for your learning products. Turn on the booking service yourself on the services page in the admin

Any questions or feedback? Please contact Springest support. We're happy to help you!